Coverage Check: Is Your Property Protected Against Vandalism?


Vandalism may not be the first issue that comes to mind when you think about your commercial insurance. Unfortunately, this concern is very real and can lead to serious destruction of your property. It is often not only expensive to repair, but acts such as graffiti can have far-reaching consequences for your business.

Why Commercial Property Insurance is Crucial

Even a single act of vandalism can directly impact your business’s ability to operate. For example, slashed tires on delivery vehicles will seriously impact customer service. Not only will the vehicles be costly to repair, but the failure to deliver goods or services affects your valued customers. Broken windows pose a safety hazard, both in broken glass and by exposing interior spaces to the elements, and damages may extend far beyond the cosmetic. Graffiti takes time and resources to cover up with a fresh coat of paint, and if you don’t have vandalism coverage for your business, the costs involved can skyrocket.

The Hidden Costs of Vandalism: Lost Earnings and Safety

As a business owner, you understand that a professional appearance is key in providing your clients or customers with the confidence in your enterprise. Not only is graffiti unsightly, it can also be associated with dangerous gang activities. Broken windows and other acts of vandalism must be resolved immediately. Customers may feel threatened or unsafe when it is apparent that vandals have been busy in the area.

In addition to impacting the perception of your business, acts of vandalism pose a threat to the safety of your employees as damaged or broken equipment doesn’t just impede productivity; it can be hazardous and increase the risk of serious injuries.

Business Insurance for When You Need It

When the unexpected happens, and an individual act of vandalism or an episode of rioting has left your business damaged, you’ll want to know exactly what your insurance policies cover. In the wake of an act of vandalism, if you are unable to repair the damage immediately it may cost you in the long run. Some businesses without the necessary coverage to protect against vandalism are unable to recover. Don’t be caught off guard when you need protection most: contact us at IBS Insurance Group in Boca Raton, Florida to find out what commercial property coverage you can get to minimize the damages.

August 2nd, 2016 by IBS Insurance Group